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Periodontal Treatment

What is Periodontal Treatment?

Gingival treatment is the form of treatment applied in case of recession or weakening of the gums.

Symptoms of Gingival Diseases

• Gum bleeds easily while brushing teeth or flossing
• Swelling, redness or tenderness of the gums
• Gum that moves away from or recessed away from the tooth
• Persistent breath odor or
• Bad taste in the mouth
• Swinging of the teeth
• A change in the way your teeth touch each other
• Changes in the seating of segmented prostheses
• Visible inflammation around the teeth and gums
• Feeling of pain while chewing food
• If the teeth are extremely sensitive to heat or cold

Gum diseases begin with gingivitis. Bleeding in the gums is the most obvious symptom. If they are not treated, it may progress over time to severe infections in which the jaw bones melt and the teeth are shaken and lost.

Due to the disease, the gums swell, blush, bleed and recess. Tooth lengths grow, teeth change, swaying starts and breath odor occurs.

How Is It Treated?

In the first stage, hard residues on the teeth are usually removed with special tools. How to clean the microbial dental plaque that causes the disease with the right techniques is taught. In simple gingivitis, this treatment alone can be sufficient. In severe infections, periodontal surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia and in some cases using auxiliary biomaterials (such as bone powder, membrane) are applied to treat the inflamed, enlarged or extracted gum.
With the treatment, it is aimed that the progression of the disease will stop, the patient will be able to clean him/herself correctly and effectively, and individuals will be able to function with their natural teeth comfortably for many years. After a successful gingival treatment, the gums become light pink, incurate and hard, swaying in the teeth regresses, and the breath odor problem disappears.
Our clinic, with a personalized holistic treatment approach, procedures of

• Elimination of irregularities and deficiencies in the color and structure of the gums,
• Providing pink aesthetics,
• Treatment of gum recessions,
• Treatments of osteoporosis that may develop in different structures,
• Tooth sensitivity treatment,
• Breath odor treatment applications
are carried out.

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