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Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual life is one of the basic building blocks of a healthy life. Disruptions in sexual life lead to dissatisfaction in important areas of life and pave the way for various mental illnesses.

Sexuality is a concept with multiple dimensions and stages. Disorders that occur in at least one of these stages are called sexual dysfunction.

The stages of sexuality are sexual arousal and orgasm with increased sexual desire, erection of the penis and wet vagina. In each of these stages, different or independent sexual disorders may occur.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Decreased sexual desire disorder
Sexual disgust disorder
Sexual Arousal Disorders
Sexual arousal disorder in women
Male Erectile Dysfunction
Orgasmic disorders
Lack of orgasm in women
Absence of orgasm in men
Premature ejaculation
Sexual pain disorders
Dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse)
Sexual dysfunction due to general medical condition
What Are The Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction?
In men;

Insufficient hardness of penis
Not getting enough pleasure
Premature ejaculation and therefore decreased penis stiffness
Experiencing uncontrollable discharge
Insufficient sexual satisfaction
Tension experienced before, during and at the end of sexual intercourse
In women;
Painful sexual intercourse
It is very difficult or not possible for vagina and penis to intercourse
Pain and suffering while using tampons
Pain in the vagina during gynecological examination
Contraction in muscles during sexual intercourse

What Causes Sexual Dysfunctions?

Sexual dysfunctions, problems, negative experiences in sexual life can also lead to psychiatric problems.
The person begins to recognize and experience sexuality from early childhood. The first lines of our sexual identity are formed between the ages of 3-6; they become very clear during adolescence. Every detail about the sexuality that a person hears, learns and experiences during these periods are the main determinants for the quality of his future sexual life. In order not to experience the problems of sexual dysfunctions, people need to spend this period healthy in all respects.

Low testosterone level

Use of antidepressant and hypertension-like drugs
Vessel stiffness and other circulatory disorders
Nerve damage or stroke due to diabetes or any surgery
Using high levels of alcohol and addictive substances
Pregnancy and postpartum breastfeeding
Worrying about sexual performance
Relationship and marital problems
Being depressed and feeling guilty
Trauma from previous sexual encounters
old age.

Incomplete sex education
Taboos about sexuality
Having grown up in an oppressive environment on sexuality and many other issues
Family relations being a problem
Treatment of Sexual Function Disorder in Men
The type of treatment varies according to the type of psychological or physical problems underlying sexual dysfunctions in men.

In general, problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and sexual reluctance, which we see most often, can be treated with different methods.

In the problem of premature ejaculation, medical drugs (antidepressants), creams with local anesthetic effect and sexual therapy methods are used. Drugs that reduce the production of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme, vacuum devices, injections applied directly to the penis, penile prostheses are applied when necessary.

In the treatment of sexual reluctance, hormone replacement therapy is applied if there is low testosterone hormone in the blood.

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