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Sexual Theraphy

What Is Sex Therapy?

Sexual therapy is a speech therapy practice based on mutual dialogue, sharing and consensus.
Sexual intercourse is based on making people happy spiritually and physically. In addition, sexual intercourse should not be one-sided, they should desire sexual intercourse on both sides.
A satisfying sex life is considered natural and healthy. For the general well-being of the relationship to continue, the physical and emotional closeness of the couples must also be maintained. Sex therapy can be used to solve some problems that prevent sexual life from being maintained at a healthy level.
People involved in therapy communicate to determine which of their medical, psychological or personal problems have become a problem in sexual life.

As in other psychotherapy techniques, the sharing of experiences, concerns and emotions takes place during the sexual therapy session. During the session, the therapist may interview the couples at the same time or separately.

At the end of each session, a future where there is a healthy sex life is gradually approached. The sexual therapist continues to direct the sessions in order to take steps to control this problem, with the problem, which is the source of sexual dysfunction, being accepted by the individuals first and awareness being provided.

After the session, the sexual therapist can give the couple a variety of assignments, such as reading books about sexuality or exercising healthy communication.

At the same time, some psychological tests can be applied to investigate whether emotional problems may be the source of sexual dysfunction within sexual therapy sessions.

There are many different conditions that are considered under the definition of sexual dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction
Loss of libido (lack of sexual desire)
Loss of interest
Premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation)
Self-confidence problems
Problems related to the orgasm phase

What Sexual Dysfunctions Does Sexual Therapy Treat?

Sexual dysfunctions treated by sexual therapy;
Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction
Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse in a woman),
Sexual desire disorder in women and men,
Disorder of arousal in women,
It is an orgasm disorder in men and women.

However, when we look at the sexual problems experienced in our country, sexual problems are common in individuals or couples with a healthy body and psychological structure due to problems arising from lack of sexual education, lack of sexual knowledge, inadequate sexual experience, false beliefs about sexuality, and their upbringing.

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