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What Is Sedoanalgesia and How Is It Applied?

The concept of sedoanalgesia or sedation+analgesia is formed by combining the concepts of sedation: calming, analgesia: creating painlessness.

The aim is to create calmness in the patient, to reduce or even prevent anxiety (tension, restlessness), to ensure that he/she does not remember what happened with the drugs applied, and also to reduce his/her pain with painkillers during the procedure.

While explaining the sedation process to patients, analogies are used such that you will feel as if you are asleep on the couch in your home.

It is a preferred anesthesia technique that is usually used for simpler surgical procedures (such as endoscopy, abortion).

Medications used in the sedation process may vary according to the medical characteristics of the person. Medications and doses suitable for patients are determined by specialist physicians. Sedation drugs are given intravenously. During the sedation process, drugs with a calming and pain-reducing effect are used.

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