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X-ray (Radiography) is animaging method for imaging tissues performed using x-rays.

It is an imaging method that contains radiation because X-rays are used.

This method, which used to be evaluated with X-ray films, is now examined on computer screens thanks to digital technologies, images of the examination can be stored and transferred to another receiver.

X-rays have been used for many years. X-rays are used to ensure that the internal parts of the body are visible. Tissue and bones are seen IN black and white IN X-ray shots. The reason for this is that the density of the tissues is different from each other.

When the body is exposed to X-rays, different parts of the body allow varying amounts of X-rays to pass through the body. Soft tissues in the body (such as blood, skin, fat, and muscle) allow most of the X-rays to pass through, making them appear dark gray in a digital environment.

A bone or tumor that is more dense than soft tissue allows very little of the X-rays to pass through and therefore appears white on the X-ray. When a fracture occurs in a bone, the X-ray beam passes through the fractured area and appears as a black line on the white bone.

With this imaging method
Long bones
pathologies can be detected in such areas.

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