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Test Anxiety

What Is Test Anxiety?

Exam anxiety is defined as intense anxiety that prevents the effective use of previously learned knowledge during the exam and leads to a decrease in success. In addition, intense thinking that he/she may get poor grades from the exams leads to the development of serious anxiety before the exam.
Exam anxiety prevents study, makes it difficult to learn and remember what needs to be learned for the test or exam. It can be difficult for people to show what they know at the time of the test.
Exam anxiety can motivate you to prepare for the exam. However, when it is overly concentrated, it leads to some negative symptoms and consequences.
Exam anxiety symptoms:

Nausea or diarrhea,
Frequent urination
Sweating on hands
Change in body temperature,
Dry Mouth
Shortness of breath
Dizziness or fainting,
Rapid heartbeat

Extreme fear,
Uncontrollable crying or laughing

Continuous mobility,
Inability to stay in place,
Avoidance(quitting studying, quitting the exam)
Avoidance (postponing studying, not taking the exam)

Feeling of falling into the void,
Difficulty concentrating,
Difficulty organizing thoughts,
Negative self-talk

What Are The Causes of Test Anxiety?

There are many reasons for exam anxiety. These are listed as inability to use time effectively, not being ready, not meeting physiological needs, and having thoughts that contain catastrophic interpretation.

What Are The Treatment Methods For Exam Anxiety?

People whose quality of life is adversely affected due to exam anxiety and whose performance is impaired should evaluate their treatment options. Various therapy methods, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, are used for exam anxiety.

Giving students the tools and emotional strategies necessary to prepare for and succeed in an important exam and enabling them to develop healthy physical habits can help them overcome the symptoms associated with test anxiety. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to exercise and sleep patterns.

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