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There is an electric flow in our brain that does all our work. The electrical current in our brain ensures the regular functioning of the whole body, as well as being negatively affected by some genetic or environmental factors and traumas, causing it to work irregularly.

Sometimes, due to personal differences or environmental factors, unwanted electrical flow can be much higher than normal in the wrong place.

When brain waves do not work regularly, psychological disorders such as anxiety, mood disorders, obsessions, panic attacks, etc.; mental disorders such as learning difficulties, attention deficit, hyperactivity, sleep disturbance, lack of appetite awareness, short-term memory problems, forgetfulness, etc.; regional vision impairment, loss of sensation, tension-type headache, sleep apnea, hypertension, etc. can cause disorders.

In the treatment of Neurofeedback, which is called biofeedback, neurotherapy or cognitive enhancement, the person receives visual, auditory, tactile feedback as soon as the brain waves are disrupted.
Neurofeedback is actually a form of physical training. With this method, it is ensured that the three work in coordination with the brain. When this permanent learning system is implemented several times a week with the help of sensors, the brain learns again.

There are a number of sensors, and when these sensors are connected to the human body, physiological information about itself immediately begins to appear on the computer screen. For at least half an hour, he begins to see his own parameters and learns to bring them back to normal. 10-20 times, if this study is done, which may vary from person to person. Sometimes it can be learned 30 times and sometimes 40 times. When the body learns this, it starts using it automatically on autopilot.

With neurofeedback treatment, it can be applied to drug, alcohol and cigarette addicts without using drugs or as an additional treatment to the drugs used.

In these studies, which used the method of changing beta and alpha waves, it was observed that the rate of returning to substance addiction within a year was lower.

In addition to rehabilitation treatment for children with intellectual disabilities, such as autism, down syndrome, supporting with neurofeedback, especially at the initial level of the disease, does not act as a hundred percent treatment, but prevents the progression of such disorders.

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