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What Is Migraine?

Migraine is a common headache that occurs mostly in attacks in both women and men.
Migraines can occur 1-2 times in some people and several times a month in others. Migraines are more common in women. Migraine pain may also be at a level that prevents the normal life of the person. Sometimes a person just wants to sleep in a dark place due to the severity of the pain caused by the migraine. It is a long process and specialist doctor control is very important for a complete migraine diagnosis.

It may affect sensitivity to sound and light.

What Are the Causes of Migraine?

Migraine has long been described as a disease related to the vascular or nervous system. The approach linking the disease primarily to the nervous system argues that the primary factor responsible for migraine seizures is a center that controls vascular tension in the brain. It has also been suggested that the response in the nervous system or vein occurs as a result of the release of certain substances such as serotonin histamine, prostaglandins, clotting agents, endorphins and monoaminoxysts.

In the process of migraine formation, a personal predisposition or tendency and low pain threshold due to hereditary factors are also important. For this reason, it is completely impossible to predict migraine attacks in many cases. A wide variety of factors can trigger seizures. Excitement, physical or mental fatigue, staying in the sun, indoor environment, cigarette smoke, sudden movement, climate change, noise, changes in habits and some foods can be factors.

What Are The Treatment Methods?

Treatment of migraine pain is done with cutting drugs and migraine attacks preventive drugs and migraine treatment has become quite easy today.
Migraine medications are medications that you should carry with you at all times. These medications should be used when migraine attacks begin. In any case, it is important to use the drugs given in the specified sizes and ways. In addition, other drugs and alcohol that may interact with migraine medications should not be used.

Apart from medication, relaxation exercises, avoidance of sports, alcohol and smoking, adequate and quality sleep and a regular life are also supportive elements of migraine treatment. The doctor should not neglect to consult for treatment.

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