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Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a field of radiology that includes techniques used for diagnosis and treatment purposes in many areas of medicine.

Interventional radiology includes diagnostic and treatment methods that are usually performed by entering the body through a hole in the size of a pinhole by applying local anesthesia to the patient.

Interventional radiology provides clear information about the disease that can be treated without the need for diagnostic surgical applications and open operations with simpler interventions than before.

Imaging methods such as angiography, computed tomography and ultrasound are among the most commonly used interventional radiology applications for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
The procedures carried out in this context are as follows:

Thyroid biopsy
Liver biopsy
Kidney biopsy
Lung biopsy
Bone biopsy
Apse Drainage
Thoracic and abdominal fluid drainage

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