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Delivery Methods

The most recommended method by doctors for childbirth is natural childbirth. However, the large size of the baby, the narrowness of the roof and some other problems cause the birth to be performed by cesarean delivery methods. The doctor determines the most appropriate delivery method for the patient according to the patient's medical profile, taking into account the request of the person.

Normal Vaginal Delivery: A natural delivery method most recommended by doctors is normal vaginal delivery. The cervix is opened approximately in the 40th week and the birth takes place in its normal run. If there is no obstacle for normal birth, birth occurs with natural pain or with strain support by giving artificial pain.
Although normal vaginal delivery is recommended by doctors as the healthiest method of delivery, in some cases, cesarean delivery is mandatory. One of the leading causes of these conditions is that the baby does not turn down. Physicians find cesarean delivery to be healthier for reasons such as the narrow roof of the uterus, the large size of the baby, the previous cesarean section.

Water Birth: It is a controlled vaginal delivery in a sterile pool of water. It is among the modern techniques of normal birth. With the help of natural or artificial pains and pushing in 36-37 degrees water in the sterilized pool, the birth of the baby is carried out through doctors and midwives.

Princess Birth: Normal vaginal birth is performed using epidural anesthesia. It is planned that the epidural catheter is placed on the back and painkillers are given when necessary, so that the mother will perform a painless vaginal delivery.

Caesarean section: It is the procedure of removing the baby by making an incision in the lower abdomen at the request of the mother or in some compulsory cases. It is an important surgical operation. General anesthesia can be performed with spinal or epidural anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia is mostly preferred.

Cesarean section with spinal anesthesia: With the help of analgesic medication made from the back area, the patient does not feel the lower part of the waist. It is done with a single needle. It is effective for a short time.

Caesarean section with epidural anesthesia: It can also be performed in combination with spinal. The difference from spinal anesthesia is that in epidural a catheter is placed in the patient's spine. Medication can be given when needed. It is removed when the process is finished.

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