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It is a clinical syndrome that progresses to the stage of deterioration in a person's cognitive functions according to the level of function they have acquired before.

Behavioral disorders, deterioration in social and professional activities are observed. Another affected function group is daily life activities.

Dementia is not the same as forgetfulness. While dementia patients can describe their youth with surprising details, they have difficulty learning, recording and remembering new information.

In dementia, memory loss occurs to the extent that it affects the daily life of the person in a way that requires the help of other people. It is progressive and deadly. Alzheimer's is one of the most important causes of dementia.

The incidence of dementia over the age of 65 is 5-10% and doubles every 5 years. Dementia is observed in 20-50% of 85-year-olds.

Dementia is a serious health problem both for its development and for developing countries. Sneaky starts with forgetfulness, in old age forgetfulness should not be seen as normal.

The duration of transformation into severe dementia is prolonged by applying medication to cases caught early, and the patient's ability to take care of himself is preserved.

Phases of Dementia

Early stage

Forgetfulness, difficulty finding words
Personality change
Difficulties in calculation
Don't lose things, don't confuse their location
Repetition of questions and sentences
Confusing the concept of person, place and time

Intermediate Stage

Increase in memory loss
Use inappropriate words
Lost in simple maintenance capabilities
Change of personality, loss of day-night distinction
Not being able to remember distant relatives or friends
Difficulty communicating
Excessive irritability, wandering aimlessly, daydreaming

Advanced Stage
Inadequate nutrition
Incontinence of urine and feces
Loss of mobility - bed dependence
Recent loss of all movement, speech, eating functions

Health Protection Measures in Dementia Patient

In the care of dementia patients, their relatives have a great responsibility.
Regular exercise
Follow-up of other diseases
Ensuring oral and dental hygiene
Using glasses
Dealing with hearing problems
Regular use of medicines
Ensuring safety in the home
are important headlines.

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