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What Is Brucellosis?

Brucellosis is a disease that is taken from the brucella bacteria. You can get brucellosis from drinking unpasteurized milk, eating unpasteurized dairy products, or touching infected animals. Symptoms can come and go for a long time and may include fever, joint pain, and sweating.

What Are The Symptoms of Brucellosis?

Symptoms of brucellosis are similar to influenza, but include:
Fever (the most common symptom is fever, which usually occurs in the afternoon, falling into high and profuse sweating)
Back pain
Body-wide aches and pains
Night sweats (after fever)
Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite, weight loss
Sweating (sometimes with a musty smell)
Joint pain, especially in the hip, knee or waist
Large, painful lymph nodes
Generally not feeling well
What are the animals that can transmit brucellosis?
How is brucellosis transmitted from animals?

The most common ways bacteria can be transmitted from animals to humans are:
Joint pain, especially in the hip, knee or waist,
Brucella bacteria in the milk of infected animals can be transmitted to humans in unpasteurized milk, ice cream, butter, and cheese. Bacteria can also be transmitted in the raw or undercooked meat of infected animals.

Tulum cheese does not transmit brucellosis.

Brucella bacteria spread easily in the air. Farmers, hunters, laboratory technicians and slaughterhouse workers can breathe bacteria.

Bacteria in the blood and body fluid of an infected animal can enter the bloodstream through a wound.
Since normal contact with animals does not cause infection, people rarely get brucellosis from their pets. Still, people with weak immune systems should avoid touching dogs that are known to have the disease.

What are the health problems that brucellosis can cause?

Brucellosis can affect almost every part of your body, including your reproductive system, liver, heart, and central nervous system. Chronic brucellosis can only cause problems in one organ or your entire body. The biggest problem that can occur is endocarditis.

Untreated endocarditis can damage or destroy the heart valves and is the leading cause of death due to brucellosis.

How Is It Treated?

When it is determined that you have brucellosis, antibiotic treatment will be started. This antibiotic treatment, which will last for a long time, may take weeks or even months. Brucellosis is a reproducible disease in which treatment is left incomplete. It is important to follow the prescribed antibiotic treatment.

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