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What Is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent state of sadness and loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities.

Everyday events can negatively affect the mood of people. A person who feels sad about everyday events may feel good again with positive developments, but people with depression do not feel better due to the events. For this reason, it is a wrong approach to conceptualize all daily sadness or short-term pessimism as depression.

Depression causes severe symptoms that affect how people feel, think, and do daily activities.
It can lead to various emotional and physical problems. It can also reduce people's ability to go to work and work.

What Are The Symptoms of Depression?

General reluctance, decreased interest, inability to enjoy what he used to enjoy
Lack of energy and rapid fatigue
Decrease in the ability to concentrate attention and absent-mindedness
Thoughts of inadequacy, worthlessness and guilt
Decreased or increased sleep
Changes in appetite and weight
Life-threatening thoughts
These symptoms can be severe enough to cause problems at work, school, social activity, and relationships with others in many people with depression. It should be known that the severity, frequency and duration of symptoms may vary depending on the person. Symptoms may also vary depending on the stage of the disease.

What Are The Types of Depression?

Depression can vary from person to person according to its causes and symptoms. Determining the depression feature provides convenience in terms of treatment.
Atypical characteristics: Depression seen with being temporarily happy with some events, increased appetite, excessive need for sleep, hypersensitivity to rejection
Peripartum (postpartum): Depression that occurs in the postpartum period, from a few weeks to a few months after birth
Seasonal characteristics: Depression triggered during periods of less exposure to seasonal changes and sunlight

Melancholic traits: depression with reluctance to do something pleasurable beforehand, depression that may be accompanied by worsening mood, weakness or agitation during the early morning wake-up process

What Are The Treatment Methods?

Depression is a medical condition that requires treatment. The earlier the treatment starts, the more effective it is.
Depression can usually be treated with medications, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two.

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