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Genital Area Aesthetics (Vaginoplasty)

What Is Genital Area Aesthetics?

The procedures performed to improve the appearance and structure of the female external genitals are called genital aesthetics.

Today, women want to be beautiful and peaceful in their sexual organs as much as they care about facial aesthetics.

Deformations in the genital area cause problems such as embarrassment, insecurity, and sexual inadequacy. Genital area defections that may adversely affect the psychology of the woman and cause her to establish negative relationships with the opposite sex are corrected by aesthetic operations.

What Is Genital Area Aesthetic Surgery Performed For?

Genital aesthetic surgeries help the person feel better, gain a better appearance and better sexual functions. Genital aesthetic surgery can be performed to eliminate health problems as well as aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to advances in medicine, effective results can be obtained with surgical and non-surgical interventions in the female genital area. It is aimed to make the person feel good socially and to increase the harmony with his partner in his sexual life.

What Are Genital Area Aesthetics Applications?

Narrowing of vaginal opening,
Reducing the inner and outer lips,
Reduction of the long clitoris sheath,
Correction of clumsiness (scars) of the healed birth,
Filling injections into the G-spot region,
Filler injections to the outer lips,
Filler injections on the walls of the vagina,
Performing liposuction on the swollen bikini area,
Filler injections to remove age related collapse or sagging.

Who Are Suitable For Genital Area Aesthetic Surgery?

Every woman over the age of 18 is suitable for genital aesthetic operations. There is no upper age limit for genital aesthetics. Genital aesthetic application is determined according to the needs of the person.
Like many aspects of human anatomy, the female genital organs have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances. Before any surgical intervention, it is important to determine if there really is a problem with the genitals or if there will be another solution.

It is the most appropriate approach in terms of determining the most appropriate method for people who are considering genital area aesthetics to come to our hospital and meet with an aesthetic plastic surgery specialist and examine them.

From the choice of the treatment method to be applied to the needs of the person and the subject of complaints, it is a priority to receive consultancy services on many different issues.

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