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Play Thraphy

A special function that focuses on expressing children's needs through games and toys is called play therapy.

Play is a tool for children to express both their experiences and their feelings. Play enables the child to develop, adopt and integrate new cognitive and social skills, values and moral judgments.

Children try to explain their situation over and over again through their games.

What psychological counseling is for adults, play therapy is for children.

Adults explain their problems with words and children with games. In addition, children can not make sense of their feelings and talk like adults.

When play is used in the sense of therapy for children, the child is created a space to express what they are experiencing and their feelings. Children re-create their anger, fears, sadness and disappointment that affect their behavior at the moment of play.

With a trained play therapist creating a safe environment, children are encouraged to play as they please.
Throughout therapy, children are offered a variety of toys to express their emotional problems. Children have the opportunity to express themselves using various tools of play therapy such as art, sand, imagination.

In the first session of play therapy, the child communicates with the therapist.
Some of the psychological problems that play therapy will help can be listed as:

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Above normal emotions such as anxiety, sadness, fear and anger
Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
Doing things that hurt others or yourself (banging your head against the wall, punching others)
Overreacting when mom/dad is leaving (crying, fear)
Social introversion
Lack of confidence/depression
Difficulty adapting to changes in the family
Head and abdominal pains whose cause is not understood

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