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Orbital Surgery - Oculoplasty

Oculoplasty, as a concept formed by the combination of reconstructive surgery and ophthalmic plastic surgery, deals with the eyelids, orbit, eye area and tear system.

The orbit is the bony cavity surrounding the eye. Diseases in this area fall within the field of orbital surgery. Some disorders in the thyroid gland cause eye diseases as a result of its effect on the eye. In cases of graves disease, also known as toxic thyroid, eye diseases, the thyroid gland tends to protrude forward in the eyes. Excess thyroid secretion of the body causes such a reaction. Some tests are done to diagnose the disease. Diagnosis is made for the disease through the examination of thyroid hormones in the blood, tests such as thyroid scintigraphy and uptake. Medical methods (B-Blocker and Anti Thyroid drugs, etc.) are preferred for the treatment of the disease and an operation is performed when deemed necessary.

The branch that deals with all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of eye tumors is called ‘Ocular Oncology’. Eye and surrounding tumors are classified as eyelid tumors, intraocular tumors, orbital tumors, and conjunctival tumors.

Although tumor formation in and around the eye is not very common, it causes eye loss if it occurs. The basic principle in ocular oncology is to make treatment decisions that do not endanger the patient's life. It is important to diagnose and treat tumors located in the eye and surrounding tissues correctly.

An oculoplastic surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist who has expertise in this field. This surgery is used to treat tear vein occlusions. In oculoplastic surgery, all tissues in the eye area are included in this area. Forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, eyelids, tear system, etc. Surgical and aesthetic operations in the fields are oculoplastic surgery.

In terms of aesthetics and visual quality, the size and posture of the eyelids are very important. Likewise, treating droopy eyelids and removing under-eye bags is known as blepharoplasty.

Also known as low valve (ptosis), it is an eye disease that can cause problems both in terms of aesthetics and visual quality. A droopy eyelid is when the lid at the top of the eye tends to go down. Situations such as this are caused by involuntary situations such as excessive tension of the eyelid muscles or inability to perform its function. Sometimes it also occurs depending on age.

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