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Face Lift

With both the effect of gravity and aging, inevitable sagging occurs in the facial skin and neck area over time. As Yücelen Hospitals, like all other aesthetic interventions, we successfully perform face lift operation.

The differences in our faces due to the effects of aging are as follows:

Sagging and drooping eyelids
Lines around the eyes
Bruises, bags under the eyes
Prominence of forehead lines
Low eyebrows
Deep lines in the nasal area
Lines on lip edges
Saggy cheeks
Sagging under the chin
Lines and sagging in the neck area
Spots on the skin, matt, lifeless and thinned appearance
With facelift surgeries, wrinkles and sagging in the forehead, face and neck area can be eliminated.

How Is Facelift Surgery Performed?

Facelift operation is an operation performed by stretching the skin again with an incision extending from the front of the ear to the back and towards the end of the scalp and providing a younger image. Facelift surgeries are usually not performed alone.

Due to the nature of the operation, wrinkles and deformations around the eyes, mouth, nose and neck cannot be corrected with facelift surgery, and when combined with various different interventions, much more successful results are obtained.

Lip filling, neck and jaw surgeries, small interventions around the eyes, and other major aesthetic interventions accompanying facelift surgeries. Eyebrow lift and eyelid surgeries are also very successful and cumulative results when combined with facelift operation.

Facelift surgery takes place in a hospital environment. It can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The duration of the operation varies according to the patient and the procedure to be applied, it can take three to ten hours.

If the procedure was performed with local anesthesia after the surgery, you can be discharged on the same day. If it was performed under general anesthesia, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for one night.
With facelift surgery, surgeries such as nose, eyelid and eyebrow lift can be performed at the same time.
Scarring remains in facelift surgeries.

However, these scars are not noticeable because they are well hidden. For example, it can be hidden in the scalp or behind the ear just above the temple area.
In eyelid surgeries, scars are hidden in the folds of the eyelid.

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